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  3. Thursday, 09 March 2023
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Would like to see donators status in profiles, and maybe capctha free? Cause I'm a donator and only way to tell is if it oauses or not.
  Remove captcha and add flag for donators in profile
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Cause I'm a donator and only way to tell is if it pauses or not.

If you had no adblock then the difference would be more obvious I guess ..

about the captcha, it's not technically doable otherwise I would have done it long time ago. Honesly, on desktop I never see it because I have excluded this site from ccleaner so the cookies are kept. but it's true that it appears on android at every new session.

about the donator status, would probably be possible in the community area, but quite a tough work for what precisely? nobody goes there anyway. Also people can donate and don't necessarily want to brag about it.. and the chatroom in the streaming area is hosted so there is nothing I can do there
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